Spiritual Warfare Training

    Camp Patmos 2017


5rd annual Spiritual Enrichment Summit 

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Training for Spiritual enrichment, with application in the weapons of Spiritual Warfare.


Date - November 11th 1200pm-330pm 

Location: Ebenezer Community Church 2624 Morena Street; Nashville, Tennessee 3720

free but you must register


           During this Summit, you will learn the following: 
       • The true definition of Spiritual Warfare 
       • The location where Spiritual Warfare takes place 
       • How to use the “Whole Armor of God” 
       • When to go on the Offensive vs. Defensive 
       • The weapons that are at your disposal 
       • The weapons that are most commonly used by the enemy 


Upon completion of the Summit
      • You will understand the tools to enrich your relationship with God 
      • You will possess the knowledge to tear down strongholds 
      • You will know how to protect your household from the devil’s tricks 

  • You will no longer be a victim of the devil’s making, you will be a warrior of God’s shaping


 About Spiritual WarfareHumankind has many weapons in existence and many more that we no longer find useful.  Whether or not believers choose to enjoin the spiritual war the war wages on. Satan is waging war against every  aspect of your life, spiritual and fleshly. Every soldier under goes training in order that they may better stand and fight  the enemy. The armour of the Lord allows the wearer to wage warfare in the spiritual realm. Those in armour have a  definite advantage over the un-armoured. During this boot-camp the student will learn how to effectively use the entire  armour of God to the fullest extent. The most powerful weapon ever seen is the power of love. The purpose of this  series is to teach the proper application and relationship between marriage and the weapons of Spiritual warfare. All  warfare is difficult. I trained for jungle warfare, desert warfare, urban warfare and chemical warfare. By far the most  difficult war to fight is one in which you cannot see the enemy. God in his mercy created the worlds most complicated,  sophisticated, espionage filled, deadly type of warfare in the galaxy. Spiritual warfare is the ultimate fight because you  are your own worst enemy. Gideon learned that the ultimate warrior is found in the hearts of believers that submit to  God and his righteousness. It was not Gideon that won the war, it was God working thorough a disciple that won the  day.



 About war - US Marine. and minster of the gospel trained to spread good and bad news, shows us how to  balance the war between the worlds.  See warfare tools, touch them and learn about the armor of God.


 Spiritual Warfare Basics - Learn about weapons, fortification and spiritual warfare combat tactics. Take  the time to help the kids understand spiritual warfare and the need to have a good relation ship with God and  our parents.


  Spiritual Warfare and Discipline - Minister of Ashara ministries, Kevin Lyons dedication through the years to youth empowerment, and reintegration into Kingdom thought.  The discipline required to be a disciple is integral to any Spiritual growth and fulfilment of the Great Commission. 




 Praise and worship -1200-1220

 About war - 12:20-1:00

 Spiritual Warfare Basics - 1:05-1:45

 Mixer -1:45-1:55 

 Spiritual Warfare -1:55 - 2:50

 The Discipline of War - 2:55-3:20                                           



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            Resources available at the summit

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