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Ashara’s award winning staff maintains oversight and integrity in all Grants, and Donation compliance issues.  All monies donated go to the specific Project, under the guidelines mention in each project Bio. 



Momma What

Are Dwugs?

Target donation goals is $1000

A wonderful kids Drug Education resource.  Momma what are Dwugs? is a stylized explanation of drugs in terms of pantomiming the effects of Drugs.  Showing pictures is only moderately effective, due to the fact the drugs can be presented, developed and dispensed in any shape color or format the developer wants.

This #32 page illustrated book is short f funding need to complete publication.  The illustration is almost complete.  The book is $1000 short of reaching our kids and helping them avoid the drugs




This project does not need funding.  It is under work, and it has been a work in progress.  Spiritual maturity takes time.  This book is six years of work, growth and tears. 

So You Want to be  a Soldier

Target donation goals is $1100

Following in the footsteps of So You Want to be a Policeman and So You Want to be a Fireman, this resource is a wonderful look into the hearts of our beloved troops.  This project is in stage two of four.  The last of the two stages are to get the DOJ to allow the use of US Military seals in the rear cover and to finish publication.

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