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           In this fast-paced, ever changing world, the longevity of success is determined by good choices. White Marlin has the potential – through non-traditional methods – of becoming the consumer’s choice in publishing. In an industry that has for too long ignored consumers because of its profit driven agenda, White Marlin is a celebration of humanity. You – the consumer – are our most precious commodity. White Marlin strives to serve as a written guide for journeys through the human experience. In keeping with the dictates of the market, White Marlin's innovative materials, voices, and styles respond to and reflect the harmonies of this Millennium. Our products focus on life application lessons that are both educational and entertaining while appealing to both young and mature audiences. Our media products revive the spiritual process of living a life that is emotionally balanced and morally clean.



The goals of this family-oriented company are;

  • To position White Marlin as a key player and major entity in the field of wholesome family education and instruction, book and magazine publishing, production, and ministry-oriented youth programs within three years.
  • To offer open doors of opportunity for our artists to express their Christianity and diligently inspire our readers' lives by touching the masses with books whose message will promote not only a better life, but a better life with victory and purpose.
  • To be an integral entity with poise and success. 
  • To provide a media outlet that develops and markets innovative products. Products that promote a victorious and positive lifestyle that will uplift and cater to its audience in every target market.
  • To launch and/or nurture fledgling local artists.
  • To be a complete multi-cultural entity that serves a vast spectrum of consumers of wholesome material
  • To produce, inspire and or engender products that are innovative, useful exciting and creative.
  • To offer a wide range of services that offer people jobs and career opportunities out phased by automation and downsizing.
  • To manufacture import and export quality yet affordable products.


  Let us assist you in producing your own Sunday school, daycare, and ministry related books. We can aid in the producing your own curriculum if desired. We cater to all of God’s children, and specialize in short runs. Give us your time and logo and we will give you a product to be proud of.







White Marlin Media is premised but not limited to artisans of written talents. Our services include textbooks, fictions and non-fiction, thesis and dissertations, ghost-writing, poetry, biographies, greeting cards, magazines, journals, newspapers, children books, and scripts.




White Marlin Media greetings are custom greetings for unusual occasions. If you want make and design your own greeting for private events, graduations and or family events,we would love to assist you.




Children products are always the most fun to create. However, they require special full color pages, which we are now proud to offer.



Teaching products require special editing and presentation, the use of tri-colors and special fonts. We also have available special sizes not often available, that facility portability. Our short run turn around times is among the best in the industry.



White Marlin Films specializes in family films and documentaries. Our services include production, directing, script writing, casting, blue and green screen, video-production, pilots, television shows.


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